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Now that 4th of July is over, you are probably beginning to plan your annual “holiday” campaigns.

You say “holiday,” but I’m guessing that you really mean Christmas. And that’s okay. It’s where the money is, right?

70% of the country identifies as Christian.

But that leaves 30% of the country that may celebrate Diwali, Hanukkah, Bodhi Day, Yule, and Festivus just to name a few of the many holidays over November and December.

Maybe, just maybe, you can be part of showing the amazing diversity of The United States of America by showing the many holidays we all celebrate…

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I am Jewish.

Being Jewish is not “just religion” — it’s my ethnicity. To get specific , I’m an Ashkenazi Jew. I am also white, although white supremacists certainly don’t think I’m white. But more on “conditional whiteness” later.

I have been literally spit on, verbally attacked, asked where my horns are, and many more incidents my life.

Like many Jewish people standing up against all forms of hate is part and parcel of my Jewishness.

And now when Jewish people are being attacked — speaking out is “complicated.”

No it’s fucking not.

There is nothing more complicated about speaking…

Fantastic article and I really appreciate how thoughtfully you have taken in new information.

Ha! I love the emotion wheel. Used it on a client a few years ago with some success after a colleague annouced that something "wasn't an emotion"

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Brands, in many ways, are new religions.

Not all brands reach “religion” status, but many try. Just think about any brand you’ve heard referred to as having “cult” status?

If you’ve read or watched Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, or the film Dogma, or read any of the many articles written on this topic, you know I’m not the first to think about this. But I may be the first ordained Kohenet, who also happens to be a professional marketing strategist to explore this as in insider on both sides of the conversation.

With the exception of one HBR article, it…

Ketzirah Lesser

Corporate Priestess (

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