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  • GatherFor


    We help turn your neighborhood into your safety net.

  • Hyperakt


    Hyperakt crafts transformative brands and digital storytelling experiences for clear-eyed champions of social justice and creativity.

  • Grant McCracken

    Grant McCracken

    I'm an anthropologist & author of Chief Culture Officer. You can reach me at grant27@gmail.com.

  • The Framework Bank

    The Framework Bank

    Strategic folks love a good framework. This is a collection of brand, innovation, campaign, experience & design models. Want to contribute? Tweet @JenBonhomme

  • danah boyd

    danah boyd

    researcher of technology & society | Microsoft Research, Data & Society, NYU | zephoria@zephoria.org

  • Miriam Brosseau

    Miriam Brosseau

    Nonprofit strategist/comms consultant. Co-host of @ThrowingSheyd. Singer, songwriter, mom. Communication is an act of creation. What kind of world do you want?

  • Katherine Cross

    Katherine Cross

    Sociologist, Transfeminist, Gaming Critic, Valkyrie.

  • Howard Schneider

    Howard Schneider

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